Party length

If you are looking for a stress free party experience then book the 2 hour package.

Some parents book me for 1 hour and then do the games themselves. By booking my 2 hour package, this is all done for you. All you need to do is feed them and give the party bags out at the end.


Party venue

When booking a venue make sure that the location is easy to find for your guests and me. Make sure everyone has clear directions as well as a postcode for sat-navs. It also helps to put balloons or banners outside the venue to indicate where the party is taking place. Please make sure there is a parking space as close as possible for me to unload and reload my vehicle.


Children's safety

It's always a good idea to make a list of names as the children arrive. Also take the parents phone number if they are not staying. This way you can contact the parents if there are any problems. It is also a good idea to find out prior to the party if the children have any allergies or dietary requirements or illnesses.



The traditional style buffet is ok . I would suggest having pre-made lunch boxes for each child with their names on. This makes it easier to give out, you will have less left over food and there are less arguments because everyone has the same (unless there are special dietary requirements).



Don't bother with balloons all over the floor. A lot of parents blow up balloons and throw them all over the floor. This, however, can cause problems. It distracts the children from what I will be doing to start with. Also a lot of younger children get scared when they pop (which they will do) and start crying. Balloons are great to hang around the room for decoration and give them out at the end of the party for the children to take home


Birthday Presents

Have a table or a big box for the presents to be put on or in. Do not let the children open their presents at the party. Waiting until they get home gives them something to look forward to and eliminates the risk of presents being lost or broken at the party. 


Avoid distractions

Beware of distractions. If the venue you have booked has lots of toys out (for example) make sure they are put away or covered over. I will need 100% attention and this is difficult to get if there are other things going on that the kids are interested in. If you are hiring a bouncy castle, I will require this to Turned off during the show. Kids love noise makers and bubbles so give these out in the party bags for the children to take home. This way you will not have a headache 10 minutes into the party!



Joint birthday parties

One final tip is to try find out if your child has any friends that have a birthday at a similar time. If they do you can approach their parents and suggest a joint birthday party. This way you get to share the cost and the hassle with someone else. It also means you have more people on hand during the party to make sure things run smoothly.